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Many times “environmentally friendly” means sacrificed performance.  However, Sisu’s water-based emulsion technology outperforms most solvent-based systems hands-down  -  while reducing or eliminating hazardous waste removal costs, overcoming regulation, and making the workplace environment safer for your employees.



Environmentally Friendly, with exceptional performance

Bring your manufacturing into the 21st century - and improve your bottom line


While your factory floor may change several times per year, the chemicals you use may be decades old. Frequently, the chemicals you use add steps to the manufacturing process, increasing production costs.  Sisu has proven that many manufacturing steps and limitations are a thing of the past, with breakthrough chemistry designed to streamline your process.  

Sisu has developed a wide variety of water-based emulsion polymers that are among the best-performing chemicals worldwide.  From water-based film coatings that print flawlessly with a variety of inks, to water-based lubricants for metalworking and tube drawing, along with a host of other products, Sisu makes advanced chemicals for today’s advanced manufacturing needs.


Your technology is up-to-date, shouldn’t your chemistry be?